emotional wellbeing for everyone!


Welcome to MyMindPal

The web based digital platform that helps your people and your organisation to thrive on a daily basis by enabling individuals to:

Reduce their stress levels
Create more positive thinking styles
Build their levels of resilience
Learn to live in the present moment.

Our team consists of behavioural scientists, psychologists and therapists combined with talented copy writers, creatives and some tech wizardry.

Everything we do is based on simplicity, accessibility and engagement.



How it works

A Simple Employee log-in, with a unique company code ...

Our simple 2 minute questionnaire allows your people to consider how they feel right now and we’ll measure their responses against a wide range of emotional wellbeing impact factors.



The personal feedback report uses a ‘star rating system’ which informs each individual on the specific areas they might want to give attention to.



The dashboard is full of helpful insights and positive behaviour changing exercises. Users can manage their stress levels, increase their positivity and master the art of mindfulness and relaxation.


Each employee can select the right exercise to match their mood. Some of the exercises are interactive and others allow the user to just take 5, sit back and relax.



We encourage users to store the exercises they find most helpful in their personal dashboard favourites area.
This enables easy access in times of need and encourages them to develop positive daily emotional wellbeing routines.


We safeguard you and your people by providing confidential links to recognised, external support, for a wide range of high level risk factors, including, depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts.




We encourage users to stay in the green by doing at least one exercise every day, as good practice for maintaining a healthy mindset.


Your people

Providing MyMindPal to your workforce improves individual levels of emotional wellbeing. This reduces the risk of mental health conditions and improves positive outcomes, in all areas of their lives.

What’s in it for your organisation?

A positive culture with higher levels of engagement

Increased staff loyalty

Reduced absenteeism

Talent retention

Increased performance levels


Simple to set up

Platform access is available via an annual licence fee.

In just 10 days MyMindPal can go live to your entire workforce with your own unique company access code.

Our on-boarding media pack enables you to seamlessly get the message out and start to protect your people immediately.

Our anonymised quarterly report gives powerful insights that enable you to define and target your future wellbeing budget and resource, where it is most required.

MyMindPal allows you to add your own links to other aligned services and therefore acts as an accessible gateway to all your workforce, no matter how dispersed.

Contact us today and let’s create a happier healthier workforce together.

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